Welcome to my blog TPRS and Beyond! I teach elementary Spanish, but I have also taught all ages. Please feel free to post your thoughts and questions here, as we seek to master Blaine Ray’s miraculous methodology called TPRS, along with other Comprehensible Input Based Methods, as we use them with our students.  Together we can unravel the mysteries of this wonderful method of Second Language Instruction, as we seek to practice it!


Photo: Blaine Ray, me and Ben Slavic at the National TPRS Conference in San Antonio, Texas.



  1. Great site!

  2. Hi Michel,
    I love your blog!!!!

  3. Hi Michel,

    Nice blog you have!

    I made a Dutch TPRS blog “Alike in TPRS Wonderland”. Next week I’ll post there about the NTPRS ; I put a link to your blog on my blog. It would be nice if you’ll make a link to my blog as well (allthough it’s in Dutch) : http://alikestprsblog.wordpress.com/

    BTW, will you be an the National? If yes, it would be nice to meet!

    Best wishes, Alike Last

  4. I was unable to attend the workshop. However, I, like you, am moving to the middle school. I am trying to work in curriculum for the fall. Would love to pick your brain.


    • Hi Tonya,
      I have actually returned to elementary, but I had a year long adventure in Middle School. The best thing I can say is that you use the Love and Logic rules in class and ask stories as much as you can. The rest, they may have to memorize at home. That was my experience. If you are forced to test them with multiple choice, I recommend that you invest in a digital grading system, with remotes, for example. Do not take that grading home. The multiple choice tests do not demonstrate literacy anyway, and you do not want your whole day and evening to revolve around those pesky little tests. They also absolutely loved when I did backwards build up to Señor Wooly songs. Hilarious to see their faces when they watched and could understand…very much the highlight of our time together! Also, I had a great mentor teacher who came in and trained me a bit on how to conduct myself more as a Middle School teacher. Michel

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